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The English in…

Sometimes, I feel like it is easy for me to get caught up in the “Portuguese” of “The English Portuguese” , I live in Portugal, buy products in Portugal, speak a mix of English and Portuguese daily, watch TV,go for a coffee, search google, all in the local language, Portugal has a rich cultural history that I am still exploring and lets be honest, the grass is always greener on the other side.

September 7th is my parents wedding anniversary and by the nature of calling my folks or them often visiting I end up spending the day in a very British state of mind.

This September  was no different unfortunately due to my fathers not-so-good health they were unable to make the trip this year, but we ended up speaking on the phone for a few hours and I hung up speaking with my original accent craving a cup of tea with milk and fish and chips.

I am however trying to eat healthier, so insted I made basa fillet in parsley sauce with a baked sweet potato.

I felt closer to home than I have in a while.

It wasnt the prettiest meal I ever made, I was extremely tired, but it was damn tasty and enabled me to give Renato a taste of home.





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