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Parsley Parsley and more Parsley

In Portugal buying local almost always pays off in terms of vegetables. I can buy a weeks worth of meals for two for around 30€, a pretty good deal if you ask me.

My husband was tasked with picking up some herbs for me whilst I continued to cook ( ever been completely convinced you have something in your fridge then as you begin to cook, you realise you were very wrong?) I asked him to pop to the store on the street above our house and pick up some parsley.

Never one to be outdone, he returned with a bunch of parsley so big he was carrying it like a child in his arms.

Best part? Less than a Euro.

But, in his quest to be super helpful and over correct, what he also did was make me have to think of ways to incorporate parsley as a main component of meals for the next week( Maybe more, some still remains)

First things first, trim, remove dirt and place in water to try and prolong life and take my first bunch for the parsley white sauce I was making to accompany the kinda bland frozen white fish I found buried at the bottom of my freezer which I am sure was a “Lidl has promotions” impulse buy and was determined to make something with. (Yay for less food waste)

Meals so far.

White fish in parsley sauce, with broccoli,peas and roasted sweet potato.
Parsley pine nut pesto pasta
Cheesy pasta bake(with leftover parsley pesto pasta)with roasted chicken legs and sauteed mustard greens and garlic.
Pollock fillets with white sauce, brussels sprouts and sauteed mustard greens.
Potato Gratin( made with parsley white sauce) with a tomato cucumber salad.
Arroz Verde with grilled steak topped with chimichurri served with a simple salad.

I shall post the recipes for the white sauce, rice and the pesto a little later, you can make large batches to cover your meals for most of the week, the white sauce can be a little fattening it has to be said, but as with everything in life, it’s about balance, don’t have it for three meals a day, have a nice healthy breakfast lunch and maybe afternoon snack of nuts,fruits etc. be smart but not overly restrictive.
Most of the other things are so simple, you likely already know how to cook them, if you do have any questions feel free to ask.


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