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Raw Cocoa Oats, English Breakfast with A Twist.

Growing up, my dad would often make me porridge for my breakfast, I would top it with Grapes and Strawberries and it was a little bowl of heaven.

Now I am all grown (Relatively), I like to shake the porridge up every now and then, I have incidentally also seen lots of “overnight chocolate oats” recipes floating around on Instagram and Pinterest, but sometimes lack the forethought to put into action,
I also had four strawberries left from a valentines day picnic that got rained off and a banana that was just…mushy let’s be honest.

Below is the recipe for what turned out to be a pretty tasty fly-by-morning breakfast.



1 Cup Whole Oats
1 1/2 Cups Hazelnut Milk( Or your favourite Nut Milk)
1 Tsp Raw Cocoa powder
1 Overly Ripe Banana (Mashed)
4 Strawberries Sliced
Honey to taste
Flaked Almonds to Garnish.

1) Measure your milk add it to a pan on a low heat and begin to heat through.

2) Add your oats and stir well, cooking as you usually enjoy your oats.

3)Sprinkle in the cocoa powder and stir until well mixed.

4) Turn off the heat and stir, add in the mashed banana and mix well.


5) Serve, add the honey, almonds and strawberries ontop.






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