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Quick and Hearty Salad

I have Long been of the opinion that in order to eat well in Portugal and to properly understand Portuguese Cuisine you need to know how to use 10 ingredients and use them well:-

Chickpeas and/or Black Eyed Peas
Olive oil  (a good low acid variety)
Bell Pepper
Pork( and how to cook each park differently)
Couve Portuguesa ( a type of kale).

All good honest ingredients, all very cheap in Portugal also, but used correctly can combine to make absolutely delicious Portuguese dishes.

In today’s recipe, I used 4 of the ingredients along with a few others to create an absolutely delicious, wholesome and filling salad.

I made enough for one meal with the plan of leftovers, it didn’t happen the entire bowl was demolished by myself and Renato in one sitting.

Assuming you aren’t gannets, it should feed 4-6 people or 2 with lots of leftovers.

It couldn’t be simpler and takes around 10 minutes with the chopping it just requires you to cook the pasta ahead, if you are tight on time or didn’t get the chance to cook ahead, cooking it to “al dente”  then running it under cold water in a colander works just as well.

Quick, hearty Pasta Salad.

For dressing:

1/3 cup olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

1 1/2 tbsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp seeded mustard.

Mix to an emulsion

Adjust to taste.

For salad:

1/2 red onion diced

1/2 red bell pepper 1/2 orange diced

1 medium cucumber peeled, seeded and diced

200g cooked chickpeas drained

200g puy lentils cooked

2 1/2 to 3 cups cooked and cooled tri-colour orzo pasta(or risoni)

160g tinned tuna in water rinsed and drained

Chopped Parsley to garnish( Optional)


Take the lentils, chickpeas, veggies and pasta add to a large bowl mix well

Pour over dressing little by little stir to coat all of the salad

Top with some chopped parsley (Optional)

Serve and enjoy.


Barely a scrap left.




2 thoughts on “Quick and Hearty Salad”

  1. I visited Portugal few years ago. And I loved this country. Ocean is your blessing : because this is not very warm you have not too much tourists . Which mean that Portugal is more more more autentic than for example Spain.

    But for me Portugal cuisin was snails…. 🙂 we do not eat snails in Estonia and this was exotic and different. And one more different thing was that on the same plate were potatoes and rice … 🙂 maybe this is just for tourists 🙂

    1. Potatoes and Rice are very authentic, lots of places, in fact most places serve their dishes with them, not heard of snails with it though, I normally eat small snails on their own boiled with garlic and parsley in their own juices pick them out with toothpicks. Delicious!
      WE have lots of tourist now, lots of people come for the Surf in Ericeria and the culture in Lisbon. We do manage to maintain a very uniquely Portuguese feel, which I really appreciate.
      I had two Estonian Roommates when I first moved to Portugal, so I have a very soft spot for your country, I would love to go on an extended visit there!

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