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Simple Roasted Veggies and Education

Since beginning a Journey to eat better, I have also decided to really educate myself about food particularly veggies and herbs, I have always used herbs “medicinally”, I Drink peppermint tea very often when I have digestive distress or sometimes if I have over-indulged and feeling kind of bloated.

I have always enjoyed roasted veggies and recently I have been turning to them more and more, for a simple, quick and  healthy meal, whilst I can easily get on with other things and not lose my motivation to eat well even on my most busy days and to stop myself falling into the trap of ordering in or getting fast food.

As well as trying to improve my general health, I also like to improve the health of my wallet wherever possible, I like to buy veggies from my local suppliers and enjoy the sensation of walking away with a huge bagful of produce for less than a tenner. We also like to use veggies that are past their best but are still useable and also don’t enjoy food waste. ( Something both Renato and I both feel strongly about)

So in order to use the odd remaining eggplant after a couple of dishes this week the handful of leftover mushrooms I had some carrots that lost a little of their crunch and some sweet potatoes we brought reduced cause they were a little sprouted I decided to, throw all into my halogen oven with some pimento doce, cumin, pepper, salt and olive oil, roast for an hour and enjoy! What could be simpler!

It also gives me chance to log on and kill some Fel-ly demons and avenge my good King Varians Death!!! #ForTheAllience



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