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Simple Roasted Veggies and Education Part 2

I recently posted this about a simple and healthy meal I have been whipping up regularly thanks to my glorious local greengrocer and Portugal’s ability to grow most anything!

I realised I missed out the “education” part of the post and decided to share here the benefits of all the things in the dish, it’s part of my education in food and in my attempt to eat better that I find most interesting.

Sweet Potato is an excellent source of:

vitamin A


vitamin B6

dietary fibre



Aubergine is a good source of:

dietary fibre

vitamins B1 and B6


and  similarly to sweet potato the minerals copper, magnesium and manganese

Carrots are good sources of : 

vitamins, A,C,K and B8

pantothenic acid






They are particularly beneficial because of their beta-carotene and fibre content

Last but not least:-

They contain great amounts of selenium and similarly to us, produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight

Hope this helps you understand food and their benefits of food and can pique your interst in eating for a healthier and balanced life.


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