What is ” The English Portuguese”?

“The English Portuguese” has been in my mind for a few years now, it was an off the cuff remark, between me and my husband, he speaks with me in english, TV is english his tastes are english, he drinks more tea than I do reads in english, the works.

I on the other hand, enjoy lots of Portuguese things, throw in random Portuguese words cause the english words don’t come to me in the moment, am addicted to Pedras and Pleno and Luso Frutas,pintarolas and Ti-Ti Potato chips ( All naughty things come from Mafra) and just generally enjoy the Portuguese life.

We called ourselves “The English Portu-geezers” which became “The English Portuguese.”

Silly,but, it stuck, it truly did sum up the blended cultures and life we live as a couple. He always eager to show me Portuguese traditions, me always eager to explore a more modern day Lisbon, Portugal and Europe in general and the confusion my heavily accented swear ridden conversations with my parents induce.( I go full “potteries” on the phone, it gets loud and stoke on trent-y)

We Love our Lives together, feel we are made for each other, but sometimes cultures clash, despite us both being “European” and it is rough, I am especially feminist and find Portugal to be a quite patriarchal culture, I dislike my husband being asked what I would like to eat.

What could “The English Portuguese” mean? For our lives? Our loves?Our professions?
It became a passion project for me, to show the world how wonderful Portugal is, pages of ideas written,pictures taken, wonders wondered.

But as is so often the case, life became complicated and my project had to be put on the back burner, I couldn’t commit myself to it 8hrs/day as I hoped to, so it sat, patiently waiting for me to throw it a loving glance.

Thats where todays incarnation comes,determined to document our life, the things we enjoy and the country we live in, I picked up the english Portuguese as a form of documentation of our daily life, our struggles,our triumphs, our food,our quirks our “randomness”, and it has been fun and able to fit into our busy lives.

Not only that but it feels more genuine, sometimes I am just home all day with a notebook, my macbook and avocado toast and that is ok, I don’t have to show you how wonderful Lisbon is, it will be wonderful without me, but I can show you a day to day life here, cool things I find in stores, cool things to eat using the advantage of the climate and cheap produce here, I can show you a great way to serve pedras, show you that vigor chocolate milk is better than the oft cited Ucal ,that milhafre dos açores is the tastiest butter and sheep cheese doesn’t have to be stinky to be legit. and that what ever is “Nacional is good”( o que e national e bom)

So thats what I am doing here.

An honest picture of a blended life in Lisbon.

Hope to see you around



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