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Sopa de Grão é Espinafre

 ( Chickpea and Spinach Soup)

Soup is there much better when winter and the cold decides to extend itself into March?

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Simple Roasted Veggies and Education Part 2

A healthy meal I have been whipping up regularly thanks to my glorious local greengrocer and Portugal's ability to grow most anything!

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Quick and Hearty Salad

I have Long been of the opinion that in order to eat well in Portugal and to properly understand Portuguese Cuisine you need to know how to use 10 ingredients and use them well:- Cod Chickpeas and/or Black Eyed Peas Onions Garlic Olive oil  (a good low acid variety) Bell Pepper Potatoes Pork( and how… Continue reading Quick and Hearty Salad

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Raw Cocoa Oats, English Breakfast with A Twist.

Growing up, my dad would often make me porridge for my breakfast, I would top it with Grapes and Strawberries and it was a little bowl of heaven. Now I am all grown (Relatively), I like to shake the porridge up every now and then, I have incidentally also seen lots of "overnight chocolate oats"… Continue reading Raw Cocoa Oats, English Breakfast with A Twist.

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The English in…

Sometimes, I feel like it is easy for me to get caught up in the "Portuguese" of "The English Portuguese" , I live in Portugal, buy products in Portugal, speak a mix of English and Portuguese daily, watch TV,go for a coffee, search google, all in the local language, Portugal has a rich cultural history… Continue reading The English in…