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Recipe: Carrot Rice / Arroz de Cenoura

Plain white rice can get boring as hell, luckily Portugal has you covered. So many flavoured rice sides are offered and of them all( tomato, bean, bacon etc) I think carrot rice is my absolute favourite.

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Pumpkin, Carrot and Nabiça Soup

It has been raining in Portugal now for what feels like forever. . .

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Quick and Hearty Salad

I have Long been of the opinion that in order to eat well in Portugal and to properly understand Portuguese Cuisine you need to know how to use 10 ingredients and use them well:- Cod Chickpeas and/or Black Eyed Peas Onions Garlic Olive oil  (a good low acid variety) Bell Pepper Potatoes Pork( and how… Continue reading Quick and Hearty Salad